Weather Whiplash

Okay, I wanna get off this rollercoaster!  I’m starting to get whiplash.

Last Monday and Tuesday were a beautiful day with highs in the 60s.  Tuesday ended, first, with thunder and hail, this snow!  We bottomed out at about 20° Wednesday morning, with about half an inch of snow on the ground.  A lot more than that fell, but it took a while for the ground to get cold enough for it to stick.  That day, we didn’t get above freezing, and, in fact, struggled to get to 25°.  Thursday was above freezing, barely, then back in the deep freeze for Friday with bone chilling wind chills.

Yesterday and today, while above freezing, are still colder than normal, which is about 55°, but I’ll take what I can get.  Tomorrow, we’ll back around 60° again, then, the pièce de résistance:  Snow!  And lots of it according to some models.  Two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, below freezing all day, with lows in the teens, and, quite likely, plenty of snow. We think.  The models are going back and forth on this.  Today, they seem to favor snow.  Don’t know how much, yet, though.  It depends on the track of the coastal low that’s supposed to form.  Forecasting snow in this area is a complicated endeavor.  Several ingredients have to come together just right for it to happen at all.  There are some models that are forecasting nada, and others that want to dump a foot of snow on us.

But we ain’t done yet.  We’ll be in the upper 50s next weekend with rain!  When’s spring coming, already?


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