Mardi Party

Hey, y’all.  Back down into the deep freeze we go after a week long visit with Spring.  My daffodils are coming up.  No buds, yet, so, hopefully, they’ll survive the coming cold blasts.  Yes, blasts, plural.  We are in for one bumpy ride.  Today, highs are forecast to be in the mid-forties, and, according to the weather guy, that might be a little optimistic.  Sunday and Monday, though, are supposed to around 70.  Then back in the 40s and 50s for Tuesday and Wednesday.


On a brighter, definitely happier, note, Mardi Gras is next week.  Here’s a little kit I’ve been toying with for about a year.  I started playing with it last year, but something wasn’t quite right.  After bringing it out last month, I decided it needed more color, so I added the bright gold color to the palette.  Everything just kind of flowed from there.

Mardi Party contains:

  • 24 papers
  • 25 frames
  • 12 beads
  • 5 beaded strings
  • 6 masks
  • 6 coins
  • 4 flags
  • 7 street signs
  • 7 glitter tiles
  • 7 glitter brackets
  • 7 glitter circle accents
  • 7 glitter curled ribbons
  • 6 glitter argyle
  • 7 sequins
  • 7 Fleur-de-lys
  • 6 curled ribbons
  • 1 alpha (upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols)


I used the font Times New Roman for the alpha.  If you have Windows, you should already have it.  If you don’t, you can purchase it here.  You should also already have Verdana, the font used on the street signs.  If you don’t, you can get it from the FontZone.  The glitter brackets were done with Boingo, from Bright Ideas.  It can be downloaded from  Intellecta Crowns and Rough Fleurons (the fleurs-de-lys), both by Intellecta Designs, can also be downloaded from there.  The word Mardi Gras on one of the papers is from the font MardiGras.  You can get it here.

Here’s a better look at the papers:


Download:  In Full or in Pieces


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