Flit and Flutter

Oh Spring, Spring, wherefore art thou?  At least this storm is just plain rain that isn’t freezing all over everything.  Just your classic nor’easter type storm.  Lots of wind and rain and cold.  But not too cold.  Springtime cannot come soon enough.  This new kit, Flit and Flutter, if filled with springtime stuff flowers and trees, rain and sunshine, the flit of birds, bees, and dragonflies, and the flutter of butterflies.  Trust me, there is wistfulness in ever pixel.

Flit and Flutter contains:

  • 34 papers
  • 25 flowers
  • 24 frames
  • 8 birds
  • 6 butterflies
  • 6 dragonflies
  • 4 ladybugs
  • 2 bees
  • 6 buttons
  • 6 sequins
  • 6 glitter tiles
  • 6 ric-rac
  • 4 trees
  • 3 suns
  • 3 clouds
  • 2 rain layers
  • 2 sets raindrops
  • 1 rainbow
  • 1 alpha (upper- and lowercase letters numbers and symbols)


The alpha for this kit was made using the font Times New Roman by Monotype Imaging.  This font usually comes with Windows, so, if you have Windows, you should already have this font.  If you don’t, you can purchase it here.  Also, for some of the pattern papers, I used Free Tiles from Intellecta Designs.  You can download it from dafont.com.  I’m sorry to say I forgot this one when compiling the credits for this kit.

Also for some of the papers, and flowers, I used a few flower and butterfly shapes from Shawna’s wonderful blog, Scrap Stuff with PSP.  Lots of awesome shapes there.

Here’s a better look at the papers:


Download:  In Full or in Pieces.


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