Willing Sacrifice by Shannon K. Butcher

Sacrifice_ButcherLike everyone else who reads this series, I was looking forward to Grace and Torr getting their happily ever after, but not like this.  This book is such a classic romance novel cliche it’s not even funny.  It’s ridiculous.  Grace is supposed to be an truly unselfish person willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good. What she comes off as is an idiot.  You know the woman in horror movies who always trips while running away from the murderer?  This is Grace.  When the warrior who has fought for centuries and has superhuman abilities tells you to stay put, any halfway intelligent person with even an ounce of self-preservation would do exactly that.  But not Grace.

And Torr.  He’s the quintessential tortured warrior who is ruled by his libido.  It seemed to me that he picked the worst times to listen to his hormones instead his brain.  Instead of watching for danger on a journey, he watches her ass.  After barely escaping a Hunter trap, they get naked in a cave, and there’s supposed to be a Warden lurking around the forest.  While washing up in a lake, his guard is so low that he gets stabbed.  Anyone wanna guess what he was thinking about?  I swear you would think he was a teenaged virgin with his first crush instead of an experienced, seasoned, centuries old warrior.

It’s amazing to me that they survived the first Hunter.

There were a couple of highlights to this otherwise underwhelming read.  The big reveal about who Brenye really is was a big shocker.  Loved that.  I was also intrigued by the Tori storyline.  And the hints about who her man will be.  I think it’s high time he got a story.  He and Joseph are the ones I’m most looking forward to.

It’s a good thing I’m already hooked on the characters in this series, because Willing Sacrifice would not, by itself, inspire me to read more.

Rating:  2.75 out of 5 stars


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