No Good Duke Goes Unpunished by Sarah Maclean

Oh my God, Chase!  I know I’m supposed to be reviewing Temple’s book, and, boy, is it a doozy, but I can’t stop thinking about the big reveal about Chase in the epilogue.  I never saw this coming.  I’m just consumed with nearly rabid curiosity over Chase’s identity.  Like everyone else, I have a theory.  I can’t wait for Chase’s book, Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover.  I wanted it before, but now…

Duke_MacleanOkay, deep breath.  Whoosh.  Now, let’s talk about No Good Duke Goes Unpunished.  I know one thing absolutely, after the secret of Mara Lowe reveals itself, if I was Temple I’d have immediately accepted the challenge from her brother, Christopher Lowe, and beat him to a bloody pulp.

I loved the verbal sparring and the battles of wits between Temple and Mara.  It was lively and sharp, all the while simmering with attraction.  Of course, the angst, self-blame, and self-delusion was overdone at times, but, it always is in romance novels.

You can’t help feeling sorry for them both, for the hurt and the tragedy that followed the over dramatic plot of a sixteen-year-old girl.  However, after picking up the pieces of what was left of their lives, what they made of them was their own doing, their own fault.  I couldn’t help but notice how long it took both of them to realize that.  Her brother never actually did.

No Good Duke Goes Unpunished is an entertaining read with wonderful characters and fast-paced plot.  Love this series.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars


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