The King by J. R. Ward

Back to where, and with whom, it all began, the king and queen of the race, Wrath and Beth. I really enjoyed the look we got into Beth’s relationship with John Matthew. And the flashbacks of Wrath’s parents. Makes we wonder if we could, possibly, get a prequel? Maybe a novella type think? Please?


The Shadows interest me.  Those little snippets of their customs and culture.  I really want Iam to get an HEA.  He so deserves it for putting up with Trez for so long.  Not to mention his relationship with Boo was both sweet and hilarious.

Speaking of hilarious, how about Lassiter as Elvis.  That whole scene had me laughing out loud.  Fortunately, not in public.  I am not typing this from a padded cell.  🙂

I found The King to be a very satisfying addition to Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  I’ve been prepared to give up on the series, but I find want to read about Saxton, Iam, and find out what’s up with Selena.  And, of course, the Mary and Rhage novella.

And, about Selena, I thought she was a scribe not an ehros?  In Lover Enshrined, she was the last sequestered scribe before Cormia went into sehclusion.  I’m confused.

I still don’t really care about Assail.  Or the Band of Bastards.  I feel sorry for, Leila, sure, but why hasn’t she told anyone about X’cor coming so close to the mansion?  I whited out that last part, because it’s a bit of a spoiler.  Just a small one, but read it at your own risk if you haven’t finished the book.

Another thing about X’cor and his merry band that has me confused.  Someone, please, explain to me why they have not been reported to the Scribe Virgin for attempting to assassinate the king?

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars


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