Shield of Winter by Nalini Singh

I enjoyed this book, though I’ll admit to not liking it as much as I did Heart of Obsidian.  Ivy’s rehabilitation and its effects, both physical and psychological, were barely touched on.  There was an odd emotional distance throughout the story, for me, which is ironic given Ivy’s level of empathy.  I simply did not connect with her as deeply as I have done with other heroines in this series.  I was really happy about Abbot and the other Arrows.  The intricate complexity of the bonds growing between the two groups is interesting. There must be some deeper psychic balance going on.

Shield-of-Winter_SinghI want Aden! He needs someone. I’m thinking, maybe, one of the Forgotten. Does Dev have an unattached sister? I don’t remember. That could be fun!  And why hasn’t Aden been asked to join the new Ruling Coalition? As head, and heart, of the Arrows, never mind Kaleb Krychek, he should be.  Sorry about the whiteout, but it’s a little bit of a spoiler towards the end of the book.

Ming LeBon needs to die!  As creatively and painfully as possible.  And when it happens, Europe will be in an uproar.

And what is Shoshanna Scott up to?  She’s been suspiciously silent (no pun was intended, oops!) the last few books.  I refuse to believe someone that cold, that ruthless and power-mad, with a serious Queen Bee complex (almost literally if you’ll remember the implants) would just go down and fade away without a fight.  She’s planning something.  Something huge, I think.

I can’t really say that I was wowed by Shield of Winter, but I love this series.  Can’t wait for the next one!

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars


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