Brain Candy Weekend

Candy isn’t good for you. It will rot your teeth, make you gain weight, and has little to no nutritional value to offset that tremendous amount of calories. But we eat it anyway. Just for the love, or the hell, of it. Cole_JDTylerFor the sense of nostalgia it gives us, or the forbidden pleasure of doing something we shouldn’t.  I consider certain books to be candy for the brain.  Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling and Guild Hunter novels, for example, or J. R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood are like the most luxurious, darkest, richest, most decadent dark chocolate truffle. Wolfs-Fall_JDTylerThe Godiva ones dusted with cocoa.  Mmmmmm.

Well, this weekend, I decided to relax my brain and let it veg, stuffing it with lots of word candy.  Thus, I pretty much gorged on J. D. Tyler’s Alpha Pack series, devouring each and every one of them.  Including the lone novella.  Although dark, they don’t have the weight, the richness, of Singh’s books or the BDB.  Lindor truffles instead of Godiva.  And I love Lindor truffles.  My niece got me a huge 70+ piece bag of them last Christmas.  Yummy.  I’m eagerly awaiting Nick’s book and, even more, I really hope Tyler bites the bullet and writes one for Nix and Noah.  On her Facebook page, she says she’s plotting it, so, fingers crossed.

What’s your favorite candy, brain or otherwise?


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