First, let me just say I was SO happy to see Astrid go after the first mystery box challenge.  I was surprised, and majorly disappointed, that she didn’t get kicked out of the kitchen for sheer nastiness during the first episode.

Now, on to last night’s episode…

Chicken was a really stupid idea.  And not just because it has to be cooked all the way through and flavored to max.  Think about it.  If you were a soldier who spent all day participating in exercises and war games in the desert, what would you want.  Besides a long, not shower and an ice cold beer, that is.  Steak.  A nice, juice, not to mention huge, steak accompanied by a small mountain of potatoes.

As for the red team, pork chops was a nice choice, but it was poorly executed.  And who makes mac-and-cheese like that?  You might as well make stuff from a box with squeeze cheese.  Not that I have any problem with boxed mac.  Love me some shells and cheese.  But, if you’re going to make it from scratch, then do it right.

Definite points for Daniel in choosing to undergo the elimination challenge instead of taking the easy way out.



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