Summer Yumminess


July is National Ice Cream Month.  Like we really need an excuse to eat ice cream in July.  Ain’t nothing better than cold ice cream on a steamy, hot summer day.  My personal favorite is strawberry.  Has been since I was a kid.  I also loved those orange sherbet push-ups.  Oh, and Mickey Mouse pops.  Y’all remember those?  A Mickey Mouse shaped popsicle with a vanilla face, chocolate eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.  And the ears were coated in chocolate.  So good.  What I really miss from those days in the Creamy Burger.  It was an ice cream sandwich with Neapolitan ice cream, sandwiched between two oatmeal cookies, and the whole thing covered in chocolate.  Talk about yummy!

Oushine-Fruit-BarsNow, as a grown-up (sort of 🙂 ), I’ve just discovered Outshine Fruit Bars.  They actually have little bits of fruit in them.  My sister saw some at the grocery store and bout some.  She raved about the pineapple ones.  Me, I love the coconut.  Next, I’m thinking I’ll try the strawberry.  Or maybe the peach mango.  Tangerine also look really good.  🙂   My sister’ll probably go for pomegranate.

What’s your favorite ice cream?


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