Faves_dsOtherwise known as Greek yogurt.  Yes, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon.  This is a huge surprise to me because I don’t like regular yogurt.  It’s too sharp.  You know the sharp, musty smell of moldy bread?  That’s what yogurt tastes like to me.  No matter the brand, no matter the flavor.  So, to say I was reluctant to try Greek yogurt is an understatement.  My sister, however, had no such compunction.  She bought a couple cups of Oikos® Traditional Greek to try.  The verdict?  Too sour.  Not sharp, but sour.  Curious despite myself, I opened up some Key Lime and fell in love.  To my taste buds, it’s tart, not sour.  Rich, creamy and tart with a slight tang in the background reminiscent of sour cream.  I just love the stuff.  Lemon Meringue is even better.  You better believe I’ll be trying the other flavors.  Except for Raspberry.  I can’t stand raspberries.


One thought on “Yiaourti

  1. I’m kinda the same way. I don’t like the texture of regular yogurt, so I was hesitant to try Greek. However, I used it in place of Sour Cream in a recipe and really liked it, so I tried it on it’s own. I LOVED it. I eat it all the time and use it in place of milk in my smoothies too!!


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