Waxing Nostalgic

For some reason, this Saturday morning has me waxing nostalgic about Saturday morning cartoons.  Don’t y’all miss those?  The good ones they no longer show anymore.  The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show, for example.

Hell, until the Cartoon Network weekend lineup was changed, I still watched the Looney Toons every Saturday morning.  There’s just something about watching a coyote’s desperate quest for a juicy roadrunner or an alien reject from the Roman army abducting rabbits and abominable snowmen that starts the day off right.  🙂

See, now I want to veg out in front of the T. V. watching cartoons!  Netflix is seriously calling me name.

I also loved Goof Troop, The New Adventures of Winne the Pooh, Garfield, Tom and Jerry (something else watched on Cartoon Network until recently), The Smurfs, and Alvin and the Chipmunks.  Oh, Duck Tales, Rescue Rangers, and Darkwing Duck, too.  Those last three also came on weekdays after school.

Yep, definitely need to plan a date with the T. V., the Wii, and Netflix.  Or the laptop and YouTube.  Maybe both.



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