Getting My Geek On: Recent Discoveries of the Ancient World

new&nerdlyThe ones I found interesting, at any rate.

Apparently there were three, or four, separate waves of migration to pre-Columbian America. I say four because, from what I’ve read in other articles, the Na Dene-Athabascan peoples came separately from the other Native American groups. Hence: the ancestors of most Native Americans, then the Na Dene/Athabascan ancestors, followed by the Paleo-Eskimos (which this article talks about), and, finally, the Inuit.

New DNA study unravels the settlement history of the New World Arctic – EurekAlert!
August 28, 2014

The people of Tiwanaku, or, at least, their shamans, snorted psychedelic drugs and drank chicha (an alcoholic beverage brewed from maize which is still consumed in many parts of Andean South America).

Psychedelic Culture Tripped Circa 500 A.D – Discovery News
September 2, 2014

Peaches were, according to this study, domesticated in China’s southern Yangtze Valley:

It’s the Pits: Ancient peach stones offer clues to fruit’s origins – University of Toronto at Mississauga
September 5, 2014

Someone had the bright idea to use Egyptian art to trace the extinction of mammalian life in the Nile Valley due to desertification and human activity:

Study traces ecological collapse over 6,000 years of Egyptian history – EurekAlert!
September 8, 2014

A new Viking fortress has been discovered in Denmark:

Some really cool armor has been discovered in Siberia:

Armor Made of Bone Found in Bronze Age Grave – Discovery News
September 11, 2014

The people of Teotihuacan drank pulque:

And, finally, a new study of ancient DNA shows that modern Europeans descend from not just the original hunter-gather population of Europe and the first farmers migrating from the Near East.  There is a third component.  This one is getting a lot of coverage:


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