Really Ancient Geek Stuff

new&nerdlyThe title for this one just says it all. I mean, how cool is this?

Earth’s water is older than the sun: Likely originated as ices that formed in interstellar space – Science Daily
September 25, 2014

This one, about innovation in ancient humans, is getting a lot of press, but it just screams “Duh!”, to me.  I mean, even ancient humans/hominids were, well, human.  They probably made all sorts of innovations and discoveries where ever they were.  This particular technological leap was just so common sense practical, that people thought of it in several places and it radiated out from those places because of it’s common sense awesomeness.

We think of the ecosystems of land and sea as separate entities, but, this study shows that even in the Triassic, this wasn’t so, as monsters from one preyed on monsters of the other.

Tooth buried in bone shows two prehistoric predators tangled across land, sea boundaries – Virginia Tech News
September 29, 2014

An interesting article on the genome of 2,330 year old skeleton from southern Africa. The man, apparently, subsisted on shellfish and routinely dived into the sea to gather it.

Ancient human genome from southern Africa throws light on our origins – Science Daily
September 29, 2014

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