Archangel’s Shadows by Nalini Singh

I know this book is about Janvier and Ashwini (I won’t talk about that so as not to spoil it for everyone else), and it was awesome, but my favorite scene was in the rooftop aerie at the Tower with Illium lying around while Aodhan and Dmitri play chess. Then Naasir shows up. I grinned the entire scene. And laughed out loud when Aodhan made his move.  It was a wonderful glimpse into the complex relationships between Raphael’s Seven.

I am now officially in love with Naasir.  I want to take him home and pet him and play with him.  And now I sound like the abominable snowman with Bugs.  🙂

Archangel-Shadows_SinghWhat is Naasir, though?  I’m dying to know.  Especially after what Ashwini sees when they’re on that balcony during the party.  She gets just a flash of something, but dismisses it.  I find myself more intrigued than I was already.  He sort of reminds me of a changeling with his need for touch and love for play.  Wrong universe, I know, but still.  Some sort of shifter, maybe?  Or maybe some odd after effect of Making?  Akin to Venom and the serpentine qualities he got from Neha.  But that’s not quite right.  And I find myself wondering if the hunter born originated this way, with their sensitive noses.  Remember, vampire’s can still have children during the first couple of centuries after being Made.  And, if it’s the shifter thing, then that doesn’t apply.  Something to think about.

Lijuan needs to die, already.  For real, this time.  I don’t think she will until Raphael’s ready to accept the power the Legion is trying to pass to him.  Am I the only one who finds the Legion creepy?  Seven hundred seventy seven unbelievably ancient men who look exactly alike and seem to have a hive mind thing going on.  Definitely creepy.  It’s getting better now that some individuality his beginning to show through the sameness, though.

I agree with Raphael.  I would be most happy if Charisemnon were to disappear into a bottomless pit.  And what is Michaela up to?  You know what happened with Uram was deliberate.  I’m not talking about her subtle, insidious instigation, but the effects of it on her.  That little bit of his toxic blood that is now part of her.  She looked a tragic victim, but that, all of it, I think, was part of some complex Machiavellian plot.  Michaela wanted the power of bloodlust without risking going into bloodlust herself, thus avoiding execution.  What’s her endgame?

Can’t wait for the next book in the series!

Rating:  4.75 out of 5 stars



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