Shards of Hope by Nalini Singh

Warning:  There are spoilers galore in this post.  Read at your own peril if you’ve yet to read/finish the book.

Shards_SinghFinally, we get Aden’s story, and, boy is it a doozy.  There is a shadowy group consisting of Psy, changelings, and humans who are stealthily trying to destabilize the Post-Silence world in a bid for complete political and economic control of that world.  Showing that they have half-a-brain, they’ve realized that taking out Aden is the best way, other than the impossible assassination of Kaleb Krychek, to accomplish their goal.  I have my suspicions about the anonymous “architect” of this alliance.  Let’s just say we now know what Shoshanna Scott’s been up to in her silence (no pun intended!).  The thing with Nikita and contract was a blind, I think.

And, oh my God, Aden’s hidden ability is awesome.  I’d have loved to be able to see through any and all shields in order to have seen into the minds of his parents, and of Ming LeBon, in that moment.  Under their icy Silence, I bet they were as slack jawed as me.  Kaleb’s reaction made me laugh.  And the Beacon’s response brought a smirk to my face.

About Zaira, am I the only one who immediately thought “changeling” when reading about her “rage”?  The way it reacts to Aden says “mate” to me, and its antipathy to isolation and confinement of any kind made me think it was touch hungry, even touch starved.  Visions of Dorian and his frustrated aggression due to the latent nature of his cat danced in my head.  Initially, I thought a cat, maybe tiger, but her interaction with Miane made me wonder…

Her father did say she had changeling blood, enough to enhance her sense of smell, at least.  but someone in RainFire would have scented the changeling, wouldn’t they?  And the empaths would sense the animal, right? But still.

We get to see a little more into the elusive BlackSea changelings in this book, and I’m even more intrigued than before.  I think I see where Miane’s story will go, and if I’m right, it’ll be a lot of fun.  Possibly bloody, but fun.  The RainFire leopards also play a big part in the story, and we get just a peek into the BlackEdge wolf pack of Moscow.  Personally, I want to see into their neighbors, the StoneWater bears.

Oh, and Anthony and Nikita get even more interesting.

Shards of Hope is a wild read that has left me wanting more.  Can’t wait for the next book, or the promised anthology, whichever comes first.

Rating:  5 out of 5 stars


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