Tea Sampler: Cinnamon Toast HiCAF Black Tea

teacupOne of the nice things about the Republic of Tea are the free samples.  Not only do they send out a sample pack in their monthly catalog, but there are usually two samples included with each order.  With my last order, they sent something I hadn’t tried before, Cinnamon Toast HiCAF Black Tea.  HiCAF is line of extra-caffeinated teas.

Cinnamon Toast is a misnomer for this tea.  Apple Pie would be more appropriate, because the “natural apple flavor” comes through in a big way.  The caramel, not so much.

The smell is amazing.  I usually steep mine in the microwave and, when I opened the door, the scent of apples and cinnamon immediately burst into my kitchen.

It tastes really good, though, again, apples with just a little bit of cinnamon.  It just needs a little vanilla and a good splash of milk to be perfect.  Or half-in-half if you want something really decadent.  Apple Pie à la Mode.

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