My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry by Fredrik Backman

Grandmother_BackmanIt starts with a girl and her Granny sitting in a police station because they got caught trying to climb the fence at the zoo to see the monkeys.  There’s also the matter of the monkey crap Granny threw at the cops!

I loved this book.  I cried.  The fate of the wurse really got to me.  Though, I felt bad for the poor thing throughout the book.  I mean, all that chocolate.  And cookies.  Dreams and chocolate are excellent things for girls who are almost eight to have, but not so much for wurses.

I adored Granny, sympathized with Mum, wanted give Kent a knock upside his head and Britt-Marie a boot in the backside.  Or up the backside.  🙂

There’s just something about a novel as told by a child.  They seem to have more impact.  Pack more of an emotional punch.  Room, for example, or The Education of Little Tree.

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry is an excellent read with many laugh out loud moments, a few chuckles, smirks, grins, and tears.  It’s quality literature that is, at times, reality challenged, as Granny would say.

I definitely plan to seek out Mr. Blackman’s other novel, A Man Called Ove.

Rating:  5 out 5 stars



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