Neolithic Warfare and other Nerdly Items

new&nerdlyFirst, a look at those studies on First American DNA published last month from a Siberian perspective.

Some more early human bones found in yet another Siberian cave not all that far from Denisova.  What type of early human/s has yet to be determined, but researchers are hoping for the full Altai triumvirate of Denisovan, Neandertal, and anatomically modern human.

More evidence solidifying the overall impression of internecine violence at the end of the Linear Pottery culture (LBK), including evidence of torture (the thing with the teeth) and the mutilation of corpses to cripple the victims in the afterlife, possibly to prevent them from effectively haunting their attackers.

European Middle Neolithic
European Middle Neolithic
Image Credit: Joostik, obtained from Wikipedia

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