Remembering September 11th

Even now, this song can still make me cry.

The answer is:  I was in one of the bedrooms, stripping the sheets, preparing to put them in the wash.  My sister called, nearly hysterical, telling me to turn the T. V. on.  Those sheets didn’t get washed that day.  Not much of anything got done.  I’m not even sure I ate.  If I did, I don’t remember what it was.  I only remember shock and rage and sadness.

A couple of weeks later, my other sister and I were driving back from town when a plane dived low.  It was a crop duster.  Before, we wouldn’t have paid it any mind.  This is a rural area.  We see crop dusters all the time, but, that day, on that road, it gave us a bit of a turn, let me tell you.


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