Binding Ties by Shannon K. Butcher

After reading the debacle that was Willing Sacrifice, I was seriously peeved with this series.  The long anticipated story of tragic warrior Torr and his brave Grace was rendered ridiculous by Torr’s transition into a hormonal teenager and Grace into a brainless idiot with no since of self-preservation.  Binding_ButcherDespite this, when I learned that Binding Ties, the next installment in the series, was to be about Joseph and Lyka, I put it, with reservations, on my most anticipated reads list for 2015.  I wish I hadn’t.

Am I the only one that wishes Lyka’d taken his offer at the end so Joseph could find someone better?

Here I am all excited because Joseph is finally going to get his female who just happens to be a kick ass Slayer.  Instead, he gets a whiny, spoiled child of a woman who’s forever ranting about her lack of freedom.  I know she was not there of her own free will, but for God’s sake, quit whining about it. You’re, supposedly, a grown woman.  Suck it up and deal.

If it’s not that, then it’s that she can’t trust him because of the past enmity between the Slayers and the Theronai.  Never mind that she’s lived with them for over a freaking year and they have yet to hurt her or act dishonorably.  Then, of course, she runs off by herself and is royally pissed when he has to come save her ass.  Rinse and repeat.

Even after the disappointments the last couple of books in the series have been, I find I want to read more about the Sanguinar.  You have to feel for poor, frustrated Ronan.  And when will Tynan, finally, catch a break?  I’m not really sure I want Nicholas and Tori’s story anymore, though.  I’m almost afraid of what Ms. Butcher will turn them into.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



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