Nerdly News of Plagues and Heroes

new&nerdlyA flea trapped in amber in what is now the Dominican Republic some 20 million years ago may have carried an ancient strain of the bacteria Yersinia Pestis, the Black Death.

Newly discovered lines from The Epic of Gilgamesh add color and sound to the Cedar Forests of Humbaba and tell us that he and Enkidu were childhood friends. However, I think that any regret Enkidu and Gilgamesh may have felt at destroying the forest was less about “ecological awareness” and more about it being the “abode of the gods”.

Apparently the tomb at Amphipolis was intended as a monument to Hephestion. That still doesn’t answer the question as to who was actually buried there.

And, for some unknown reason, they’re rehashing the Solutrean Hypothesis.


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