Clan of the Cave Bear not coming to Lifetime

Thank you!

I love the Earth’s Children series, especially The Clan of the Cave Bear, and have read all but the last, The Land of Painted Caves, multiple times.  That one was so horrible it doesn’t bear talking about.  But I was psyched when I heard the series was being shopped as a T. V. series.  And, hello, Ron Howard.

But then there was the Lifetime connection.  That gave me pause.  The horror.  Have they bothered to read the books?  There are multiple rape scenes in the first one alone.  How would Lifetime cope with that?  And they wanted to chop the books up into a four part series.  Really.  There are six not insubstantial novels in this series.  This was looking like a disaster of epic proportions.  Nearly on par with what John Travolta did to Battlefield Earth.  Not even Ron Howard could’ve saved it from total mutilation.  Apparently, Fox 21 knows this because they refused.  So Lifetime has ditched the series.  Hallelujah!

Personally, I’m hoping that either HBO or Netflix will take it up.  What do y’all think?


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