Tea Sampler: Holiday Cheer & Comfort and Joy

teacupThe catalog sample from The Republic of Tea this month was Peppermint Bark Herb Tea, which I’ve tried before. Still love it and have, in fact, ordered a tin. My niece will be here for Christmas and I’m sure she’ll drink it with me. We’re the tea drinkers in the family.

With my last order, I got a sample of Downton Abbey® Holiday Cheer and one of Comfort & Joy Black Tea. Holiday Cheer is a roobios (red tea) blend with cinnamon and vanilla. Sounds yummy. It isn’t. In a word, it is nasty. Dislike at first sip. And it has an extremely unpleasant aftertaste that brought to mind Robitussin. A watered down, muffled, version, but, still…

Comfort and Joy, however, was a different cuppa altogether. This is a black tea with cinnamon, cloves, licorice root, and apple. I hesitated because I don’t like licorice, but you can barely tell it’s there. In fact, the first impression I had was of citrus. Strange, but in a good way. Not something I’d drink on a regular basis, but not bad.


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