Reader’s Hopscotch

I have a little confession to make. Last week, I didn’t even touch A Man Called Ove or The Portable Veblen, much less read so much as a sentence. After I finished The Golden Son and Brotherhood in Death, Robb_BrotherhoodI found myself in a J. D. Robb groove. I kind of hopscotched my way through several books in the series. Robb_PortraitI’d read one which would bring up another moment that I just had to read about. This lead to another, and another, and another…

Obsession, Devoted, Born, Festive, Purity, Concealed, Calculated, Thankless, Survivor, Visions, Memory, Divided, and Portrait. Robb_BornNot necessarily in that order. There may have been others. I’m pretty sure Indulgence was in there somewhere. Strangers and Innocent, too. Robb_InnocentI think. It’s all a little blurry now that I’ve come out of it. Oh, and Treachery. I’m sort of scrolling down the series page at Goodreads and going “That one, too.”

I think the only book in this series that I haven’t read more than once is Origin.  That’s the one about the Icoves.  It seriously creeped me out.

Have you every played hopscotch with a favorite series?


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