Guild Hunter Q

Nalini Singh, one of my favorite authors, has recently been answering questions at Goodreads.  In her answers, she has revealed, and mercilessly teased and tortured us with, several things about the Guild Hunter series.

The next book, Archangel’s Heart, will be another Raphael and Elena novel and will expand on certain things Elena learned about her ancestry earlier in the series.  I know there’s a vampire in there somewhere.  And wouldn’t it be a kick in the pants if it was Dmitri?  Doubtful given Marguerite’s Moroccan ancestry, but the very idea makes me grin.  I’m now going to have to re-read the series, feverishly mining it for information about Elena’s family.  Archangel’s Heart will also delve into how the world will deal with having eleven Archangels Awake instead of the usual Ten of the Cadre.

When asked if angels can have children with other species, she replied:

GRQ_NSingh Now, in the comments, she implies she’s referring to Naasir, but the cryptic way she worded the update makes me wonder if she’s actually talking about something else entirely.

In answer to another question, she says there’ll be at least two more books in the series after Archangel’s Heart.  There may be more after that, depending on the story and the characters.

About the rest of the Seven.  She says that they’ll get their own books “only if it feels natural.”  Aodhan’s story will be told when he’s ready.  Now, whether or not that’ll be in his own book is a different question all together.

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