Bracketology: Seeding and Matchups

Wow!  That was surprising.  Both Virginia and North Carolina get Number 1 Seeds, while Michigan State does not.  I haven’t had the opportunity to see Oregon play this season, so I can’t comment, knowledgeably, on their selection, I have watched the others.  Since Virginia lost their conference championship and Michigan State won theirs, Michigan State should have gotten a Number 1 seed.

Colorado and UConn will be a very interesting game.  Congrats to the Huskies, by the way, on winning their conference tournament in such authoritative fashion after playing a game with, essentially, three halves just a couple of days before.  UConn may don a glass slipper this year.  It sounds weird to call a school like UConn Cinderella.  Not only do they have an excellent chance to beat Colorado, I really think they could knock off Kansas in the second.  If, that is, they don’t run out of gas.

I love Duke.  They’re my team, even when they’re awful, but they definitely are not a 4 seed, in my opinion.  I think Baylor is going to kick our ass.  That, of course, is if we get passed UNC-W.  If we play that first game the way we played Notre Dame, that is, blowing a 16 point lead, we might not.

Texas and Texas A & M will be a fun second round match-up with one of them versus Oklahoma in the Sweet 16.


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