Chosewell Dixon’s second wife? and the mother of Vendrick Dixon

I’m about to do a whole lot of speculating, theorizing, and hypothesizing based on a whole lot (or very little) circumstantial evidence.  A lot of what’s in this post has not, to my knowledge, actually been proven by anyone, including me.   Feel free to add to it, debate it, or flat out tell me I’m wrong and back it up.  I need all the help I can get.  Especially with the Vendricks.  They are a maze.  A freaking labyrinth.  Recycling the same names all over the place and marrying other Vendricks left, right, and center.  Currently in my database I have 4 Daniels, 4 Jesses, 5 Elizabeths, 5 Jameses, and 6 Johns.  And I’m sure I’ve missed some.

All right, you’ve been warned.  Here we go.

In my post about Chosewell Dixon and Mary, his wife, I spent some time speculating about the administrator of his estate, Vendrick Dixon:

On December 9, 1816, Vendrick Dickson, James Martin, and Church Vendrick paid a 500 pound administrator bond towards a period of 2 years with Vendrick Dickson as administrator of the estate of Choswell Dickson, according to his estate papers.  The Inventory and Estate Sale were held December 20, at Goose Creek.  The only Dixsons on that list besides Vendrick are a Polly Dixson (widow or daughter?), a John Dixson, and Rolen Dixson.

Who was Vendrick Dixon?  From the census data, I know he was born sometime around 1795.  That’s too late to be a son of Chosewell.  Unless, of course, he had a second wife, which is possible.  Perhaps this hypothetical second wife was a Vendrick. Or he could’ve been a grandson.  Remember that third male 16 or over in 1769?  On the 1815 tax list there is a John Dixon listed just above Vendrick Dixon with one free poll and 250 acres valued at 250.  Vendrick just has the one free poll.  Further up the list is a John Dixon, Jnr., also with one free poll.

I’m thinking that the elder John was Chosewell and Mary’s other son of 1769 and that the younger was his son.  That is, of course, plain, old-fashioned, speculation.  So, what about Vendrick?  The 1850 census gives his age as 55, yielding a birth year of 1795.  He could be a son of John, Sr.  It’s possible.  The dates would fit nicely. However, when I asked Suzy Bennett about Vendrick Dixon, she told me, in an email dated March 30, 2016, he was the son of Chosewell.  In a followup email, dated the 31st, I asked:

If Vendrick was the son of Chosewell, does that mean that Chosewell had a second wife?  I would think that 1795 would be a bit late for he and Mary to have children.  Their son, William, was born by 1756 when he was granted a stock mark.  Even if Mary had been 13 when he was born, she’d have been over 50 in 1795.  Unless, of course, Mary was the second wife.

And, as I speculated before, in my post about William Dixon and Lydia Caton, if William was one of the 3 polls in Chosewell’s household in 1769, then he’d have been born no later that 1753, which would make Mary even older in 1795.

Suzy replied later the same day:

It’s been suspected that Chosewell was married twice. However, I’ve got one land deed naming his wife as Mary, but I’ve not found any documentation for the other wife.

So, out of curiosity, I looked at the Vendrick family wills I have at hand (I keep them on a flash drive).  There, I found the will of John Vendrick, dated November 30, 1804.  In it, he lends a feather bed and furniture to his wife, Mary, then, after her death, leaves it to daughter Lany Dickson.  Church Vendrick was one of the witnesses thereto.  You can see a summation here, along with that of other Vendrick wills.

Could Lany Vendrick be the second wife of Chosewell Dixon?  Possibly.  If Chosewell was either the second free white male living with William and Lydia in 1790, or, the Joseph Dixon listed (third column, remember Chosewell’s name is given as Joseph on the John Scott/Patsy Bland marriage bond), then he was unmarried at that time.  So, the marriage would have had to have taken place after 1790.  I would normally add, “but before Vendrick’s birth in 1795”, but the Dixons had a habit of putting the cart before the horse when it came to marriage and children.  🙂  So sometime between 1790 and 1804 is the best I can do, for now.

Children of John Vendrick (-1804) and Mary (listed in order of mention):

  • Peter Vendrick
  • James Vendrick
  • Penny Vendrick – I speculate that she was the Penelope Vendrick who married Church Vendrick March 16, 1808.
  • Lany Vendrick – Married a Dickson.  I speculate that she was the second wife of Chosewell Dixon but don’t entirely discount the possibility that she was, instead, the wife of his (hypothetical) son, John.
  • Mary “Polly” Vendrick – She married George Carpenter February 22, 1785.  They had a daughter named Sarah, who was mentioned in John’s will.  Polly, herself, isn’t mentioned which leads me to conclude that she had died by November 30, 1804.
  • Eliza Vendrick – She married Hardy Hukins July 28, 1792.  Note:  Liza is not specifically called daughter in the will.
  • Rebeckah Vendrick – She married Ezekial Read September 26, 1797.

I theorize that this John Vendrick was the son of another John Vendrick, wife Rebeckah, who wrote his will February 4, 1785.  I have no actual proof of this beyond a) they, as per the will, had a son named John, and b) John of the 1804 will had a daughter named Rebeckah.

Children of John Vendrick (-1785) and Rebeckah:

  • Peter Vendrick
  • John Vendrick – Perhaps the John Vendrick who died in late 1804.
  • Anne Vendrick – Her first husband was a Green.  They had a son named Solomon who was mentioned in the will.  Second, she married Thomas Harper, Jr. April 10, 1783.
  • Daniel Vendrick
  • Abraham Vendrick (-1812) – An Abram Vendrick married Mary Boyd January 8, 1805.  Before this, he may have been married to a Mary E. Green according to this Green genealogy (#40).  Or there could have been more than one Abraham Vendrick.
  • Francis Vendrick (-1815) – There are several Francis Vendricks, but I think this was the one who married Sydney Vendrick September 9, 1783.  Thomas Harper was their bondsman.

The 1785 will also makes bequests to the heirs of John Boyd.  This and the marriage between “Abram” and Mary Boyd makes me wonder if Rebeckah was a Boyd either by blood or previous marriage.

To summarize:

  1. Let’s say Mary and Chosewell married in 1750 and that Mary was 13.  She’d have been 58 in 1795 when Vendrick Dixon was born.  Even if they didn’t marry until 1755, she’d still have been over 50.
  2. Their son, William, was born, at least, by September 1756 and, quite likely, by 1753 (assuming he was one of the 3 white males living in Chosewell’s household in 1769).
  3. I hypothesize that the John Dixon listed on the Tax List of 1815 just before Vendrick Dixon with 1 free poll and 250 acres of land was another son of Chosewell and Mary and the third white male of 1769.  Say he was born in 1751 and William in 1753.
  4. Further, I propose that the John Dixon, Jnr. of 1815 was the son of the above John and grandson of Chosewell Dixon and Mary, his wife.  Since “between 1801 and 1817, the free poll included whites aged 21 to 50,” he’d have had to be born by 1794 or thereabouts.
  5. Vendrick Dixon, James Martin, and Churchill Vendrick paid the administrator bond on the Estate of Chosewell Dixon in 1816.
  6. Vendrick Dixon was, quite likely, the son or grandson of Chosewell Dixon.  If son, then there had to have been a second wife.  She was, in all probability, a Vendrick.
  7. The 1804 will of John Vendrick names daughter Lany Dickson.  Church Vendrick was a witness to this will.  It is possible, though not certain, that the daughter Penny of this will was the Penelope who married Church in 1808.
  8. Whether or not Lany Vendrick was the wife of Chosewell or of John, she was, in all likelihood, the mother of Vendrick Dixon.

If you are still confused, join the club.  By the way, we’ll be coming back to the Vendricks.  Churchill Vendrick’s sister, Ruth, lurks in my mother’s side of the family tree.

One more thing.  The Polly Dixson at the estate sale in 1816.  She was, most likely, the daughter or granddaughter of Chosewell.  I’m not sure which.  Or of which wife she’d have been the daughter of if he had two.  If she’s the granddaughter, it gets even more confusing.  William and Lydia had a daughter named Mary, but, if I’m right and she’s the Mary Dixon to marry James Martin in 1815 (marriage bond), then she’d have been Mary Martin in 1816.  But, remember I based that hypothesis purely on the fact that James Martin stood bondsman for William and Lydia’s son Rolland and Penelope Keel (marriage bond).  So, Polly Dixson could be the daughter of any of these guys.  Chosewell, John, or William.  Take your pick.

What do y’all think?


4 thoughts on “Chosewell Dixon’s second wife? and the mother of Vendrick Dixon

  1. I’ve got a large package of documents on Dixon land deeds and wills I’m mailing you on Monday. I’m not able to access my computer right now, but will e-mail you more information soon. Happy hunting!


  2. Becky, you’ve done a whole lot of speculation here. (Which in my opinion, tends to lead other’s to more confusion.) Lany Dixon, was the daughter of Hasten Dixon and Elizabeth Scott.
    Also, I just saw a picture of the headstone of William Dixon and his wife Margaret Scott and you wrote, he is the son of Roland Dixon and Penelolpe Keel. He is NOT their son. The son of Roland Dixon and Penelope Keel is William Dixon who married Lydia Caten. This information is found in the family bible. Cousin, I do appreciate your work, but when it comes to Dixon’s just ask me and I’ll help you and give you supporting documentation, if I have it. I do have a mini library on the Dixon’s.
    Happy Hunting!


    1. Suzy,

      Hasten Dixon and Elizabeth Scott married in 1823 (their marriage bond) so, presumably, their daughter was born after that. The Lany Dickson to whom I refer was mentioned as such in her father’s will in 1804. Her father was John Vendrick, her mother’s name was Mary.

      The son of Roland Dixon and Penelope Keel is William Dixon who married Lydia Caten. This information is found in the family bible.

      Having never seen the Family Bible, I can’t know what it says, but that relationship is impossible. Roland Dixon and Penelope Keel married in 1813 (their marriage bond) whereas William Dixon and Lydia Caten married in 1786 (their marriage bond). That William died in 1797 (his estate papers). I have William and Lydia being Roland’s parents.

      I too have seen pictures of the headstone of William Dixon and Margaret Scott Dixon thanks to Find a Grave. That William was born in 1820 and Margaret in 1827. I have asked you whether this William was the son of Roland and Penelope or the son of Roland’s brother, William Jr. You have never answered that question though you have graciously answered others, for which I thank you.



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