I have a question for any Lawson family researchers out there…

What connection did Elias Lawson, will dated December 24, 1827, have to the Sidney Lawson who married Thomas King April 19, 1817? He mentions “Thomas King’s children” in the will, but he doesn’t say what relation they were. Looking at the dates involved, I’m thinking Elias and Sidney were siblings, but I’m not sure. Maybe add Jesse Lawson to the mix. He stood bondsman for one of Elias’ marriages. Also, were they, any of them, the children of Samuel and Hester Lawson or of William Lawson and Elizabeth Jump who married June 5, 1782. If William, was he the son of Samuel? I also think that Elizabeth was the widow of Nathan Jump whose will is dated April 6, 1781, and was probated in December. Here are a few rough abstracts of the wills in question:

Testator Date of Will Persons Mentioned Proven
Elias Lawson Dec. 24, 1827 Wife: Sally
Children: James and Mary
“Thomas King’s children”
November 1728
Samuel Lawson Mar. 19, 1798 Wife: Hester
Children: 3 sons, 3 daughters
Grandchildren: Elesebeth Hutson,
Thomas Hutson
Executor: John Bigs, Sr.
June 1799
Nathan Jump Apr. 6, 1781 Wife: Elizabeth
Daughter: Julia
Brother: William
December 1781

And here’s the marriage bond information:

Date Groom Bride Bondsman View
June 5, 1782 William Lawson Elizabeth Jump Henry Purss View
July 22, 1791 James Hudson Mary Lawson Abraham Harper View
December 20, 1791
(or 1771 it’s hard to tell)
James Miller Nancy Lawson Samuel Lawson View
June 13, 1805 Jesse Lawson Hannah Hoover Jesse Watson View
June 28, 1808 Elias Lawson Sally Carpenter James Vendrick View
December 22, 1813 Elias Lawson Sally Pittman Jesse Lawson View
December 23, 1812 Asa Hoover Esther Lawson Abraham Reed View
March 24, 1814 Thomas King Sidney Lawson John Broughton View
April 19, 1817 Thomas King Sidney Lawson View
August 17, 1832 William W. Broughton Anna Lawson John Neale View

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