An Interesting List: Rent Roll of Virginia 1704-05

I found Alphabetical Rent Roll of Virginia 1704/05 and, glancing through it, found several familiar people.

The numbers come from The Colonial Planters of Virginia by Thomas Jefferson Wertenbaker (Internet Archive).  The appendix contains a county by county version of this rent roll.

Rent Roll of Virginia 1704-05
County Name Amount
Accomack Phillip Fisher 433
Isle of Wight John Davis
(also has 1 tract in Surry County)
George Green 250
William Green 150
Nansemond John Gatlin 200
William Gatlin 100
Norfolk John Corprew 650
Thomas Corprew 650
John Dixon 300
Northampton Joseph Benthall, Senr. 793
Joseph Benthall, Junr. 150
John Fisher 637.5
Robert Gascoyne 125
William Gascoyne 525
Princess Anne Matthew Brinson 250
Thomas Cason 550
David Scott 600
Thomas Scott 100

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