Tea Sampler: Watermelon Mint Black Iced Tea and Serenity SuperGreen Tea

teacupIn my kitchen, I have a shelf that is nothing but tea.  Pouches and canisters filled with various varieties and flavors of tea.  What can I say?  I’m a tea girl.  Leaf over bean.  I can and do drink the occasional cup of coffee, but I much prefer the more subtle flavor of a good cup, or glass, of tea.

Anyway, the other day, after I wrote my post Mango Ceylon Black Tea, I checked my stash to see if I needed to order more and discovered I had a few other sample pouches that I’d forgotten about.  I don’t remember how I got them, whether it was with an order or the catalog.

First was Watermelon Mint Black Iced Tea.  Iced tea and watermelon sounds like a good, summertime combo.  And it might be, but I couldn’t tell because of the mint.  Mint is a very strong flavor and watermelon is very mild.  The first overwhelms the second.  While some might enjoy a mint iced tea with a subtle hint of sweet watermelon, I did not.  This one isn’t for me.  Maybe I’ll try brewing a pitcher of regular tea and add a some watermelon.  I think that would work better for me.

Next was Serenity SuperGreen Tea.  Green tea and green matcha with lavender, camomile, and holy basil with a little vanilla and honey.  It smells like a springtime bouquet in a cup.  Unfortunately, it also tastes like it.  Way too floral for my tastes.

I also discovered I had a second sample of Hibiscus Sangria Iced Tea.  This one I’ve tried before and loved.  It was just as good this time as it was the first.  Read the entire rave here.



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