Wild Embrace by Nalini Singh

Wild-Embrace_SinghSeries are wonderful because they invite you into a world and acquaint you with so many different people.  People you get to know with an intimacy that just doesn’t exist in a stand-alone novel.  Each book gives you the opportunity to visit with old friends.  There’s such comfort in that.  Wild Embrace does that in spades.  I loved it.  So good.  So emotionally satisfying.

Echoes in Silence

In this first story, we finally get to meet Stefan, the mysterious Arrow who isn’t an Arrow, and his Tazia.  And fall more than a little in love with him. 🙂  The trip home was beautiful.  It left me wanting more.  I especially would like to know how Aden, Vasic, and Judd found out about Tazia.


I get see what our beloved Dorian went through growing up latent.  It was so sweet.  So poignant.  And happy.  I especially enjoyed the war games.  And the pit of slime.  What will he do in revenge for that, I wonder.  Of all the stories in this book, I think this one was my favorite.

Partners in Persuasion

This is Felix and Desi’s story.  The submissive male wolf and the dominant female leopard.  The dynamic here was very interesting.  I enjoyed watching Felix come alive and his wolf come out to play with his dangerous cat.  The scene at the restaurant was fun!  And the flower petals were a very nice touch.

Flirtation of Fate

This the longest novella in the book, taking up about half of it.  This is the story of Kenji and Garnet.  What happened between them all those years ago and Kenji, finally, coming clean.  Like Garnet, I wanted to smack him.  I know you have to take into account just how young they were, but still.  I will say that the murder mystery wasn’t that much of a mystery.  Though why still is.  But, then, people are strange.

I have a feeling I’m going to be re-reading this whole thing very soon!

Rating:  5 out of 5 stars



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