A Couple of Gatlin Queries

Over the last couple of days, I’ve made a couple of posts on the Gatlin Message Board at Ancestry and figured I might as well post them here as well.

First:  A Question About McDuffie’s Book

On page 20 of her book, McDuffie refers to a land grant received by a William Gatlin in Craven County in 1738. Has anyone actually found this grant? I’ve looked at the Craven County Register of Deeds website, done an NC Mars Archive Basic Search, and a query at the site North Carolina Land Grant Images and Data. Nothing. The earliest grant to a William Gatlin I’ve been able to find in Craven County is 1763.

And second: The Husband of Mary Johnson

In his will, dated April 26, 1796, Richard Johnson makes bequests to his three sisters Elizabeth Gatlin, Easter Gatlin, and Mary Gatlin. Elizabeth was the wife of Edward (d. 1781), son of John (d. 1766) and Easter/Esther the wife of John (prob. d. 1801), son of Edward (d. 1763). Who was the husband of Mary Johnson? Any ideas? In the will, the bequests to Elizabeth and Easter are “to her & her heirs and assigns for Ever”, but Mary’s is ” to her & her assigns for Ever.” Other bequests were made to nephew, Richard Johnson Daughter (perhaps Daughtry or Daugherty), niece, Sarah Gatlin, daughter of Elizabeth, and to “cousin” Persis Lambert.


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