Jemima Kemp, wife of Jeremiah Warren!

During the morning session of the Craven County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions on 15 September 1787, was heard the matter of

Thomas Kemp Joshua Kemp Isaac Kemp Isaac Kemp Jeremiah Warren & Jemima his Wife and John Nelson & Elizabeth his Wife


Hannah Kemp Admr. of James Kemp

The Court proceed to hear the petition of the plantiffs and to consider thereupon and do order and decree as followeth that the complainants do recover and be allowed the sum of thirty six pounds Each to be paid to them out of the Estate of the Decd. James Kemp and that Execution for the aforesaid Several Sums of money issue with the costs theron Issue agt the Estate of the sd. Decd.
profits that have heretofore accrued or may hereafter acrue out of the Decd. Estate and that the Administrator of Guardian pay the Same as fast as Income of the Estate will admit Estate of the said James Kemp.


and 19 June 1790

On reading the Petition of Isaac Kemp and others praying for an allowance to be made them from the Estate of James Kemp in the Ferry Plantation for certain causes therein mentioned the Court ordered that Isaac Kemp Thomas Kemp Jemima Warren and Elizbeth Nelson be allowed twelve pounds ten shillings cash to be raised as before mentioned and Costs.

James, Joshua, Isaac, Thomas, Jemima, Elizabeth and three others were children of Mathias Kemp and his wife, Elizabeth. See post: Will of Mathias Cemp.  James died before 15 September 1779 when an inventory of his Estate was taken.  His widow, Hannah, with his brother, Joshua, and John Gooding, paid a £3,000 administrator bond on his Estate the next day.

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