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DigiScrap Spotlight: Pumpkins

There are a couple of really adorable pumpkin kits out there this week.  First is Where the Pumpkins Grow from Clever Monkey Graphics to scrap your search for those perfect pumpkins.  There are also elements for corn mazes and apple picking.


And second is Pumpkin Guts from BoomersGirl Designs to scrap the guts and gore of carving those pumpkins.


DigiScrap Spotlight: Movie Night, Falling in Love, and Main Street Magic

First, Movie Night from Aprilisa Designs, which was part of a Grab Bag at GingerScraps a few weeks ago, is now available on its own.


Next, from Just Because Studios is Falling in Love from at Gotta Pixel.  I love the vintage feel of this kit.


And last but not least, Main Street Magic from Magical Scraps Galore.  This is the latest addition to her awesome Theme Park Collection.  I love all the little stores, the clock, and the street lights.  And the car is just too adorable.


DigiScrap Spotlight: Sandbox and Fall Frolic

The Sandbox Collection (scroll down a bit) at Meagan’s Creations is really cute.  The trucks are really cute.


And I just love the Oh Boy template in the collection.


I also found this Fall Frolics kit at Gingerscrap but LJS Digital Designs:


DigiScrap Spotlight: Prehistoric World by Magical Scraps Galore

Is it just me or have there been lots of dino kits lately?  Here’s another:  Prehistoric World from Magical Scraps Galore.  I especially love the skeletons, bones, and brushes.


DigiScrap Spotlight: Renaissance from Meagan’s Creations

Found this awesome Renaissance kit at Meagan’s Creations.  There’s also a companion kit with all kinds of Lord of the Rings themed stuff called Rings and Kings.


DigiScrap Spotlight: Come One, Come All! by Magical Scraps Galore

Here’s a completely adorable kit from Magical Scraps Galore called Come One, Come All!  Perfect for trips to the circus, zoos, fairs, and carnivals.


DigiScrap Cuteness: Scientific Method by BoomersGirl Designs

Here’s an adorable kit from BoomersGirl Designs called Scientific Method.  I love the periodic table word arts and the beakers and test tubes full of mysterious substances.  Perfect for scrapping science fairs, school projects, budding mad scientists with chemistry sets, and tongue-in-cheek cooking layouts!


DigiScrap Goodness

Lindsay Jane has posted the most adorable kit on her blog, World of Dinosaurs.  I just love all the dinosaurs.  And the meteor!


Here are a few other kits that teased my imagination while browsing around:

There’s also cuteness going on at Kristmess DesignsFun at the Fair.  Complete with coasters, carousel, and popcorn.


Who doesn’t love Ice Cream on a hot day?  This kit from Just So Scrappy is perfect for those messily refreshing layouts.


Lastly, a kit after my own heart!  Book-A-Holic from Cornelia Designs.  Personally, I prefer the term “biblioholic”, which I got from a friend I met back in my chat room days.


DigiScrap Spotlight: Project 2015 February Kit by Connie Prince

The scrap kit to catch my attention this week is the Project 2015 February Kit by Connie Prince.  I just love the colors.  They inspire thoughts of spring during the cold drabness of winter.


The kit is also available at Gotta Pixel and Scrapbook-Bytes.

DigiScrap Spotlight

While browsing around the digiscrap shops this morning, I came across several that I like.  The DigiScrap Awesomeness Award of the week definitely goes to 9 Moons by Magical Scraps Galore.  This is a wonderful kit with bright, cheerful colors that celebrates one of the most miraculous experiences of life:  pregnancy.


Don’t you just love it?  Next, I found a couple of kits at Gotta Pixel that i just love.  I must be in a mood because they both use a vibrant, happy palette, but still have a sort of vintagy feel to them.  The first is Superstar from Seatrout Scraps.


And second is Love You Always from Meagan’s Creations.


The last kit I found was among the fresh baked goodies at GingerScrapsSweet Love by Just Because Studio.