Imaginary Realms

Happy iNSD, everyone.  Hope y’all are ready to take advantage of all the awesome freebies.  I know I am.

I’m posting this so early, today, because not only is it National Scrapbooking Day, it’s also the day my niece, Jacqie, graduates summa cum laude.  Congratulations, Jac.  We’re all so proud of you.  Just had to get in that little bit of bragging.  🙂

Back to iNSD:  my gift for you today is a brag kit dedicated to the wide and varied places in the childhood imagination.  Imaginary Realms filled with pirates, cowboys, outlaws, and space invaders.

Imaginary Realms contains:

  • 17 papers
  • 19 dialog boxes
  • 12 flowers
  • 10 frames
  • 12 stars
  • 6 buttons
  • 6 sequins
  • 5 glitter tiles
  • 6 circles
  • 3 curled ribbons
  • 2 pirate flags
  • 1 pirate hat
  • 1 treasure chest
  • 1 treasure map
  • 1 sheriff star
  • 1 wanted poster
  • 4 copper rivets (like on jeans)
  • 3 light sabers
  • 2 UFOs
  • 1 beam
  • 1 alien
  • 1 alpha (upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols)

And a bonus pack of 6 gorgeous space themed papers!

I used lots of awesome tutorials for this one:

The alpha was created using the font Oh {Photo} Shoot! from Kevin and Amanda.  Where Stars Shine the Brightest by Brittney Murphy is the font in the dialog boxes.  You can get it at  Other fonts used in making this kit include:  Pirates PW by Intellecta Design, Space Station Hokuspokus by Manfred Klein, and Black Sam’s Gold by Redruth’s Basement Software.  The first two you can get at, and the last from Search Free Fonts.

Download:  In Parts or In Full (I should warn that the full download is over 80 MB)

For the nth time, 4shared will not allow me to upload something.  How would you guys feel about me ditching it?  Everything already there, would remain, but nothing new would be uploaded there.


Blossom Thyme

Not too long ago, I hinted at a brag kit I was working on for April.  Well, here it is.  For those of you who are new here, a brag kit is a scrap kit sized especially for making brag book pages.  All papers are 1800 x 1200 pixels, and all elements are sized accordingly.

Blossom Thyme contains:

  • 16 papers
  • 25 flowers
  • 12 frames
  • 11 labels
  • 8 flower accents
  • 6 leaves
  • 5 stems
  • 2 flower pots
  • 1 watering can
  • 5 glitter tiles
  • 5 sequins
  • 5 buttons
  • 5 ric-rac
  • 5 butterflies
  • 3 curled ribbons
  • 1 bee
  • 1 alpha (upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols)

The alpha font is Segoe Semibold UI.  It usually comes with Windows.  If you don’t have this font, you can purchase it here.  On the labels, I used the font Vani.  This one is free and can be downloaded from FontZone.  I also used a few of Shawna’s wonderful flower shapes.  You can get them here.   Also, to get the aged, worn look on the watering can, I used some grunge brushes from Obsidian Dawn.

Download:  In Parts or In Full

Oh, and by the way, I’ll have another brag kit for you on iNSD (Saturday, May 5, 2012).  🙂

Play, Learn, Create and Number Template 3

The last time I made anything even remotely “shabby”, it was an accident.  Well, this time, I did it on purpose.  Y’all know how much I like to try new things.  🙂  Still, it’s also got this retro, hippie feel to it, doesn’t it?  That was purely an accident.

Play, Learn, Create is perfect for those photos of the kids drawing or coloring and magic marker messes.  Not to mention, all of those first day of school pictures that will be taken next month.

This one, like Beach Party and Ginger Village, is a brag kit.  All of the papers are 1800 x 1200 pixels and the elements are sized accordingly.

Play, Learn, Create contains:

  • 16 papers
  • 12 flowers
  • 12 labels (one is blank)
  • 24 glitter accents
  • 6 crayons
  • 6 magic markers (tops are separate)
  • 6 glitter jars
  • 6 stitched stars
  • 6 glitter tiles
  • 6 tabs
  • 6 ric-rac
  • 6 sequins
  • 6 frames
  • 3 curled ribbons
  • 3 glue sticks
  • 3 pencils
  • 3 sheets notepaper
  • 1 sheet graph paper
  • 1 ruler (6 inches)
  • 1 paperclip
  • 1 staple
  • 1 piece of Scotch tape
  • 1 alpha (upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols)

The alpha and the labels were made using the font Pussycat.  Dirty Flamingo is the font on the glue sticks, and Pea Faith Dots on the magic markers.  You can download the first two from and Pea Faith Dots from Kevin and Amanda.

I made the glue sticks by following this tutorial:  Glue Stick.  If you want to give it a try, there’s also an excellent tute for drawing a highlighter pen on the same site.

Download:  In Parts or In Full

Also, here’s the third template in my number series, perfect for birthday and anniversary layouts.  Or for the front page of your P365 scrapbook.  They all come in .psp (Paint Shop Pro), .psd (Photoshop), and .xcf (GIMP) formats.  All are sized to fit on a page 1200 x 1200 pixels so you can fit more than one number on a conventionally sized layout.

Download:  mediafire

Beach Party

First, today is my nephew Brady’s birthday.  He’s now two years old.  Happy Birthday, baby!  Have fun, and get good and messy so your Mommy will send me lots of pictures.  🙂

Second, today’s freebie is a Brag Kit.  For those of you new to imagic reflections, this is a scrap kit specifically designed to make brag books.  The papers are 1800 x 1200 pixels (that translates into 6 x 4 in inches), and the elements are sized accordingly.

Beach Party contains:

  • 13 papers
  • 15 frames
  • 10 flowers
  • 5 glitter tiles
  • 5 starfish
  • 5 balloons
  • 5 ric-rac
  • 5 drinks
  • 4 seashells
  • 3 beach balls
  • 2 surfboards
  • 2 banners
  • 2 picnic blankets
  • 2 journals
  • 2 beach umbrellas
  • 1 cooler
  • 1 volleyball net
  • 1 water accent
  • 1 alpha (lowercase letters only)

The font used for the alpha is Vanessa.  You can download it from

Some of the elements were made using shapes from Scrap Stuff with PSP (aka Scrap Stuff by Shawna).  Lots of goodies there.

Also, the color scheme I used for this kit is very similar to what I used with Down by the Sea a couple of years ago, so they should mix and match well.  Down by the Sea is 800 x 800 pixels.

Download:  In Parts or In Full

Ginger Village

While I was working on the recipe card sets, I started thinking about Christmas and all the wonderful foods and family traditions.  Specifically, cookies.  Sugar and gingerbread.  Some of our best childhood memories come from baking and decorating cookies with Mom and/or Grandma.  From gingerbread cookies, I moved to gingerbread houses.  So, we have Ginger Village.

This is something new from me, a brag kit, specifically designed for making brag books.  It is 1800 x 1200 pixels, or 6 x 4 inches, the same size as the recipe cards.

Ginger Village contains:

  • 19 papers
  • 8 gingerbread houses
  • 9 sugar cookies
  • 8 gingerbread cookies
  • 4 gingerbread men
  • 6 candy sheets (about 50 pieces total)
  • 3 candy sticks
  • 3 street lights
  • 3 curled ribbons
  • 15 flowers
  • 10 frames
  • 2 fences
  • 2 fallen snow
  • 2 falling snow
  • 12 buttons
  • 3 signs
  • 8 glitter tiles
  • 1 alpha (upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols)

The font for the alpha is Dinova Black.  It can be downloaded from, as can Santa’s Sleigh, the font used on the signs.

The tutorials I did or read when making or preparing to make this kit are legion:

To make the gingerbread houses, I adapted several house tutorials, such as the Munster House tutorial above.  Most of these were at Moonwolf.  In the weeks since I made the houses, this site has disappeared.  These are the ones I used:  Urban Mansion, City Mansion, Victorian Folly, Folk House Style, and Victorian Queen House.

Also, you may want to try this tutorial for Do-It-Yourself Icing.  And this one for a gingerbread cookie alpha with drizzled icing.

Download:  In Parts or In Full