Hurricanes are strange

Have y’all seen the latest GFS model?  And I thought yesterday’s European model was strange.

Okay, according to the GFS, Matthew will move up the east coast of Florida, right along the edge, then Georgia a bit further off shore, then make this sharp, easterly turn off of South Carolina.  Then, this is where it gets weird, it makes a loop and goes back to the Bahamas and ends up off of Miami, again!, next week.  This is extremely good news for me, but not so much for Florida and the Bahamas.  Remember, yesterday’s European model had it do something very similar.  Nicole has put a really big spanner in the works just by its existence to the east of Matthew.  Because of Nicole, Matthew can’t just go east and out to sea, it has to go south.  Very bizarre.


HurricaneTrack Matthew Discussion

Not liking this AT ALL.  And it seems I’m not the only one skeptical about this storm’s forecast strength.  Hurricanes don’t usually maintain Category 5 status for long, so if it is one midway up the east coast of Florida, then would, most likely, be a four or, if we’re really lucky, a strong three by the time it comes ashore close to Cape Fear.  Not good.

Hurricane Matthew Forecast Tracks

I live in North Carolina, not the northeast, but this is the best channel I’ve found for me to see the latest model runs. At the time he posted this video, the latest European model hadn’t been released, yet. But of the two models discussed, I must say I prefer the UKMET (sorry, Florida) because Matthew would be almost guaranteed to be a tropical storm by the time it got up here. The weaker, the better. Either way, we’ll be getting a crap ton of rain, which we DO NOT NEED. Heck, two of our rivers have flooded within the last couple of weeks.

Here’s another one with a more detailed discussion of the GFS model run:

Looking at the just released 5am update from the National Hurricane Center, Matthew is forecast to come onshore just to the west of Cape Lookout in Carteret County late Saturday night as a Category 2 storm with 100 mph winds, then move northeast along the southern Outer Banks, exiting just north of Cape Hatteras in the wee hours of Sunday morning. I’m not sure I buy that much weakening, frankly. On this track, my area would experience tropical storm conditions.

085025w_sm_nhcmatt-5am_10-04BTW, the stats say the storm is moving north at 9 mph, but the satellite loops I’m seeing this morning look to me like it’s moving northeast or north-northeast.

The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom

As befitting a book written by Music, The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto has a soundtrack.

Presto_AlbomOn an evening in the small Spanish town of Villareal, a young woman, heavily pregnant, enters a church to light a candle. Then the raiders come, followers of Franco, and her labor begins. In a hidden room attended by a single nun, her son, Francisco Presto, enters the world, grabbing a giant handfull of Music as he comes. In a desperate attempt to keep him quiet, his mother hums to him Francisco Tárrega’s Lágrima.  As the church begins to burn, the new mother, the nun, and the infant huddle together.  Only one of the women make it out alive.

Thus begins the life of musical legend, Frankie Presto who would die so spectacularly.  His life and music touched and was touched by so many.  Django Reinhardt, Duke Ellington, Elvis Presley, Lyle Lovett, Tony Bennett, and many, many more.

I loved this book, told to us by Music with music.  Be sure to read it with YouTube open so you can listen to the music as you read.  It really does enhance the experience.

Rating:  5 out of 5 stars


Homo naledi and other Nerdly News

new&nerdlyThere’s been a staggering amount of coverage on the discovery of a hell of a lot of hominin bones in a South African cave.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Just google Homo naledi and you’ll find a lot more.  There’s even a documentary being aired about it and Australopithecus sediba, on PBS tonight on NOVA.

Or, you can watch it online: Dawn of Humanity NOVA | PBS.

The age of the bones is unknown at this time.  Even if the claim that these bones belong to a new species in our genus, Homo naledi, turns out to be wrong, the sheer volume of fossils, all of which are hominin bones, this find is extraordinary. Because it certainly looks as if something or someone brought those bones into Rising Star cave and it seems unlikely that any kind of predator would have targeted hominins with this amount of exclusivity.

In other news, the genomes of ancient Iberians links the early farmers of that area to modern day Basques.

To quote one article:

Our results show that the Basques trace their ancestry to early farming groups from Iberia, which contradicts previous views of them being a remnant population that trace their ancestry to Mesolithic hunter-gatherer groups…

Uh, how is it contradictory? Can’t it be both?  Hunter-gatherer female decides she’d like a more settled lifestyle and hooks up with a farmer, or a group of hunters raids a farming settlement and steals a few brides and slaves in the process.  Voila.  Admixture.  And you get both.

There’s also been an interesting study conducted by the University of Miami about the prevalence of iconicity in spoken language, especially in words we first learn as babies and how the iconicity aids in that acquisition of language.

Downton Abbey, Final Season: First Look

Remembering September 11th

Even now, this song can still make me cry.

The answer is:  I was in one of the bedrooms, stripping the sheets, preparing to put them in the wash.  My sister called, nearly hysterical, telling me to turn the T. V. on.  Those sheets didn’t get washed that day.  Not much of anything got done.  I’m not even sure I ate.  If I did, I don’t remember what it was.  I only remember shock and rage and sadness.

A couple of weeks later, my other sister and I were driving back from town when a plane dived low.  It was a crop duster.  Before, we wouldn’t have paid it any mind.  This is a rural area.  We see crop dusters all the time, but, that day, on that road, it gave us a bit of a turn, let me tell you.

Song Obsessions: “Wrong Song”

Heard this one yesterday, can’t remember if it was regular radio or Pandora, but I can’t get it out of my head.

What tune’s stuck in your mind this week?

Regarding Friendship

I love the Dear Kitten videos on YouTube.  They’ve posted some new ones.  This one made me laugh out loud.

Moganville Vampires Web Series…


Wicked Scribes

I had absolutely no idea that Rachel Caine‘s Morganville Vampires series was heading to the screen…well, the computer screen. There will be a web series, simply called Morganville, and it will make its debut on YouTube this fall. The trailer made its debut at Comic-Con, but in case you missed it like I did, here it is…

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