HurricaneTrack Matthew Discussion

Not liking this AT ALL.  And it seems I’m not the only one skeptical about this storm’s forecast strength.  Hurricanes don’t usually maintain Category 5 status for long, so if it is one midway up the east coast of Florida, then would, most likely, be a four or, if we’re really lucky, a strong three by the time it comes ashore close to Cape Fear.  Not good.

I Dreamed a Dream

A little much needed inspiration to start the day.  This performance never fails to bring a tear to my eye and a smile to my face.

Freak Chain

I just saw this and laughed so hard!  Hilarious.  And slightly creepy.

Duke vs. Pittsburgh

I know that growing pains are a necessary, though evil, part of the road back to our usual state of awesome, but, geez, sometimes, they really hurt to watch.

Harper Lee


Top Plays: Duke 74, UNC 73 (2/17/16)

It was beautiful.  Especially that last, number 1, block.  I really thought they were going to beat us, but we pulled it off by the skin of our teeth.


Meso Low

A cool weather feature, it occurred this morning, shared on YouTube by, Matt Engelbrecht, the chief meteorologist at one of the local stations.

Downton Abbey, Final Season: First Look

The Last Kingdom Trailer

Downton Abbey UK Trailer

Series 6 premieres September 20 in the UK.  We Yanks have to wait until January.