Scrap Terms of Use

Posted:  January 19, 2008
Updated:  July 3, 2014

Downloading any of my creations implies an agreement to these terms, whether or not you have actually read them.  My terms may be changed at any time without notice, so be sure to check back.

Unless stated otherwise, everything contained within the zips was created by me, and I hold exclusive rights to all of my creations.  If you publish any of my kits on the web, I would appreciate it if you gave me credit for my designs.  This includes my preview images.  I love that you like my creations enough to want to spread the word, but, please, save the previews to your own server.  DO NOT HOTLINK!

Though I would prefer you use my scrapbook items for your own, personal use, I realize that enforcing that on the web is nearly impossible, so, at least have the courtesy to link to my blog with appropriate copyright information:

Scrap Kit © imagic reflections

Although I would be seriously pissed if anyone used my creations to make money when I’m not, I’m also aware that I can’t stop any unscrupulous person from doing so.

CLARIFICATION:  You may use my kits and other scrapbook creations to create scrapbook pages/layouts for yourself, your family, friends, etc., as long as you do not make money!  So, you can Scrap for Others (S4O), but NOT Scrap for Hire (S4H).

Please do not rip my kits.  I don’t have a problem with you mixing and matching, colorizing, and resizing, but do not alter my elements/papers, and call them your own.  Don’t take some of my creations, some of someone else’s (or your own), zip it up, and offer it for download as your own work.

And do not simply change my file names, make your own preview, insert your own terms, and offer it for download as your own work.  That is piracy.

You may print your layouts for your personal scrapbooking/art/school projects.

You may create web pages/sets and blogware/blog templates with my kits, but I ask that you give me credit on every page you use my graphics.  Any sets offered for download made with my creations, must be either freeware or linkware.  A text credit and LINK as in the example above is fine.

You may use my scrapbook items to make signature tags for yourself or your friends.  Sharing your tags in groups or forums is fine.

Tutorial writers may use my creations in their tutorials, as long as they give me credit and a link on the page of the tutorial.  I would love to see any tutorials written using my scrapbook items.  Just post a comment containing a link, and I will link back to your tutorial.

If you create QPs with my kits and wish to post them to your blogs for download, go ahead, but give me credit.  And I would love it if you’d pop over to my blog and leave me a note letting me know so I can take a peek!

You may not distribute my scrapbook items through your groups (Yahoo, AOL, Google, etc) or forums.  However, you may share the link to my blog with them.

You may not save my elements/papers/kits/QPs/templates to any external media (i.e. CDs, disks, flash drives, etc.) for any purpose other than as a personal backup.  Don’t put my stuff on CD-ROMs, or whatever, and sell or otherwise distribute my creations.

To simplify:


You may NOT, under ANY circumstances, use the contents of my zip files to create works of porn, discrimination, or hatred.  This means race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc.


I make my kits because I enjoy doing it, and I hope y’all have fun creating with them.

Becky Sumrell

15 thoughts on “Scrap Terms of Use

  1. Cindy

    Hi my name is Cindy, I am a 46 year old disabled female, you have such
    great talent, I started PSP about 5 months ago, I spend alot of time on my computer since I am very limited to what i can do, due to my illness (RSD) I would like your permission for me and Mrs Mary Ann (AKA Meadorlady) to use your work to make, QP’S, Frames and Paper, Mrs Mary Ann has a blog here is the link, she will post the things we make on her blog, there is no profit being made, we would give you full credit on your work. And a link back to you blog.

    God Bless


    1. Becky Post author

      Thank you for your interest in my creations. I don’t have a problem with you making QPs, clusters, and frames with my kits and giving them to your friends. You can even post them on your blog if you want, as long as I get credit and a link back, and no one makes any money from it. However, I do not wish papers to be made except for your own, personal use. I’d love to see what you make with my kits.



  2. Carolyn

    Hello and thank you for so many gorgeous downloads!
    I really enjoy your informative and entertaining blog! And I appreciate your posting the names of the fonts, tutorials, links, etc. It’s great.

    A couple of questions:
    1. When downloading the kit Imagination, I noticed that there was a zip for Elements 02 but not one for Elements 01. Is this an oversite? Is there an Elements 01 zip available?
    2. Like Q1, is there a Papers 01 zip available for Ren Faire?
    3. Is there a tutorial available for creating the curled ribbons?
    Thanks again.


    1. Becky Post author

      You’re quite welcome. As for the font and tutorial links, I believe in giving credit where it’s due. Plus, I enjoy learning how to make new things and want to share that with you all. Now, about your questions:

      1. Yes, there is, and now it’s in the folder where it is supposed to be. Here’s the link to download just the Elements-01 file: IR_Imagination_Elements-01.

      2. Yep, that too. IR_RenFaire_Papers-01.

      3. There are two ways to make a curled ribbon. One uses the AV Bros Page Curl plugin, the other uses another plugin called Vizros. You can learn how to do both here. I, personally, prefer AV Bros for this.

      Hope this helps.



    1. Becky Post author

      You are so welcome, Nancy.

      I love seeing what people do with my creations. Before I started making scrap kits, I made tags for a group at MSN. Then I discovered scrapping. It’s been awhile since I made a siggy. It was fun, but I think I prefer the challenge of making kits. 🙂


    1. Becky Post author

      Sim, você pode. Criando blogware é permitida, desde que isso não é feito para o lucro e um link para meu blog é publicado, como por meus termos de uso. Quando estiver pronta, eu adoraria ver o que você fez.


      In English:

      Yes, you may. Creating blogware is allowed as long as it is not done for profit and a link to my blog is posted, as per my terms of use. When it’s ready, I’d love to see what you’ve done.



  3. jessica

    I was working on a 70’s pages and came across Retro Chic. It looks like Part 1 of your elements is missing.




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