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Here, we talk about books, history (actual and alternative), the latest discoveries in archaeology, music, movies, and just life in general.  Whatever catches my interest at the time.  Occasionally, I’ll post a scrap kit for you to download.  This doesn’t happen as often as I’d like anymore, but that’s life.

Before downloading any of my scrapbook freebies, please take the time to read my Terms.   Downloading any of my creations implies an agreement to these terms, whether or not you have actually read them.  My terms may be changed at any time without notice, so be sure to check back.  Thank you and have fun!

My book reviews express my own opinions and feelings about books I’ve read, but if you want to repost them elsewhere, then feel free to do so.  With appropriate credit, of course.

Scrap Link Updates

My long abandoned 4shared account expired a few months ago.  I’ve spent some time today and this morning going through my posts, deleting all 4shared download links.  I’ve also edited my Scrapdex to reflect these changes.

Unfortunately, this means that many of my early kits are no longer available. If I can find the time, I may attempt to recreate and/or redo some of them.

I’m aware that some of the deleted kits have been used by tutorial writers.  I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause them and those that wish to learn from their work by using mine.  Because of this, I’m going to relax my Terms for these kits:  Let’s Go to the Movies and Artist at Work.  The tutorial writer, Angel’s Tuts, is here given permission to upload these kits and offer them for download from their blog if they so choose.  No one else.

They so got it wrong!

When I went to bed last night, all local stations, and the National Weather Service, were forecasting something between 0.5 and 1 inch of snow.  Imagine my surprise when I woke up and it was already snowing in some areas and they started throwing 2 and 3 inches around.

This is what my backyard looks like right now, and it’s still falling.


DigiScrap Spotlight: She Rocks, New Beginnings, and Brighten My Day

We’re finally thawing out today.  Getting rid of the ice that still clings to the shadows.  Tomorrow, it’s going to rain and not freeze.  Of course, next week we’re headed back to the freezer with chances of snow.  As one of the local meteorologists put it, we’re going from brutal to bitter.  All I know is that days will be above freezing and the nights in the double digits.  That gets a big “Woohoo!” from me.

The first kit to catch my eye this week is She Rocks at Gotta Pixel by Meagan’s Creations.


The next two are at GingerScraps.  First is New Beginnings by Just Because Studio.  It from her Tell Your Story 2.0 series.


The last kit is from Seatrout Scraps.  It’s called Brighten My Day and it does.  I just love the colors.  They’re just so happy and bright and the green makes me think of spring.


In the Land of Cold and Ice

Otherwise known as my front yard.  I think that freezing rain is the most beautiful form of precipitation produced by Mother Nature.  Everything glistens and sparkles.  Unfortunately, they also slip and slide.  Right now, we still have power, but the the lights have flickered every now and then, and the next block over lost theirs about 6:30 this morning.  So, fingers crossed.  I have plans for a big, warm, comforting bowl of beef stew for dinner, and I can’t do that if I don’t have electricity.  Knock on wood.

Here are some photos of the glimmering gorgeousness:

100_3084 100_3085 100_3086 100_3087 100_3088 100_3089

LibraryReads: March 2015 List

library_reads_logo_website#LibraryReads has released its March list and it’s filled with awesome reads.  Personally, I’ve been looking forward to Susan Crawford’s The Pocket Wife which made it onto my Most Anticipated Debuts list for the year.

Also on the list are, among others,

  • The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy by Rachel Joyce
  • The Witch of Painted Sorrows by M. J. Rose
  • Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver

Light_David-JoyAnd, one I hadn’t been aware of before but sounds really good, Where All the Light Tends to Go by David Joy.  The librarians recommend it for fans of Ron Rash, which I most definitely am.

Here’s the blurb:

The area surrounding Cashiers, North Carolina, is home to people of all kinds, but the world that Jacob McNeely lives in is crueler than most. His father runs a methodically organized meth ring, with local authorities on the dime to turn a blind eye to his dealings. Having dropped out of high school and cut himself off from his peers, Jacob has been working for this father for years, all on the promise that his payday will come eventually.  The only joy he finds comes from reuniting with Maggie, his first love, and a girl clearly bound for bigger and better things than their hardscrabble town.

Jacob has always been resigned to play the cards that were dealt him, but when a fatal mistake changes everything, he’s faced with a choice: stay and appease his father, or leave the mountains with the girl he loves. In a place where blood is thicker than water and hope takes a back seat to fate, Jacob wonders if he can muster the strength to rise above the only life he’s ever known.


Fifty Shades Fatigue

50-ShadesAm I the only one who wishes this “phenomenon” would just go away?  Or, at the very least, that I didn’t hear about it every time I turn on the T.V.?  And, before any of you decide to point this out, I know I’m adding to it by writing this.  What can I say, the hoopla is finally getting to me.

First, it was the books.  I held out against the public mania and have not read them.  Mostly because my sister read the first one and told me it was like a Barbara Cartland novel, but with sex.  That’s all I needed to know to stay far, far away.

Now its the movie.  And let us not forget the soundtrack.  When will enough be enough?


DigiScrap Spotlight: Project 2015 February Kit by Connie Prince

The scrap kit to catch my attention this week is the Project 2015 February Kit by Connie Prince.  I just love the colors.  They inspire thoughts of spring during the cold drabness of winter.


The kit is also available at Gotta Pixel and Scrapbook-Bytes.

Colleen McCullough

McCullough_FavoritesI was very sad to learn of the death of Colleen McCullough.  Although it was her epic saga The Thorn Birds that made her famous, I met her work with Fortune’s Favorites, the third book in her Masters of Rome series.  Before this, I was not a huge fan of Roman history, and I’m still not, but I love this series.  McCullough took me on a fascinating journey through the last century of the Republic from the rise of Gaius Marius to the fall of Antony and Cleopatra.  Never has Roman politics been made so hilarious.  I’ve always wondered what she could have done with the tragedy, farce, and fiasco of the early Empire.

Masterpiece Wolf Hall Teaser

PBS has released a little teaser video for Wolf Hall which is based on the completely awesome novel written by Hilary Mantel.

Wolf Hall is set to premiere April 5 here in the U.S.  I can’t wait to see Damian Lewis as Henry VIII.