And the clock strikes midnight…

The ball is over for Cinderella. 😦

Close Encounters

I won’t lie, my inner idiot is pea green with envy!

Surprise, surprise! There were TWO Chosewell Dixons.


This is from Craven County Deed Book 25, page 305. William Dixon, Chosewell Dixon, Senr. and Chosewell Dixon were witnessing a transaction between David Dixon, Senior’s nephew, and Aliff Cuthrell. The deed is dated December 11, 1783.

I wonder if Chosewell Jr. was the Chosel Dixon who entered a patent in Carteret County on Houston’s Creek (now Holston’s Creek in Jones County) January 25, 1786. The patent was issued November 16, 1790.

I’m so ready to go a Viking!

Season 5 coming to Hulu April 24. I’m a huge fan of Lagertha and Floki. Really going to miss King Egbert.

Also looking forward to Season 4 of Black Sails on April 2.

Bummed :(

Congratulations to the Jayhawks!  But, since they sent my Blue Devils home (or, more correctly, Duke’s inability to keep hold of the basketball in OT sent them home), I’m now cheering for Cinderella.

Hello, Cinderella!

Gatlins in 1790

Craven County

Names of Heads of Families
Free White Males
Free White Females
Other Free Persons
16 or Over
0 – 15
Shadrack Gatlin 1 2 3 3
Thomas Gatlin 2 3 5 11
James Gatlin 1 2 3 13
Hardy Gatlin 1 3 13
John Gatlin, Senr. 1 3 5
John Gatlin, Junr. 1
William Gatlin 2 4 2
Pierce Gatlin 1
Joshua Gatlin 1 1 3
Elizabeth Gatlen 1 2
William Gatlin 1 1 1
David Gatlin 2 1 3

Dobbs County

Lazarus Gatlen 1 4 6
Jesse Gatlen 1 2

Pitt County

Edward Gatlen 1 2 2 2
Stephen Gatlin 1 1 1 3
Elizabeth Gatlin 1 4 7
John Gatlin 1 1 1 3
Levi Gatlin 1 3 2 1

Notes:  Lazarus and Jesse of Dobbs County are listed together as are all the Pitt County Gatlins except for Edward.  Given the presence of Stephen and Levi, I would hazard to guess that this Elizabeth is Elizabeth Johnson Gatlin, widow of the Edward who died in 1781.  This means that the Elizabeth Gatlen listed in Craven County was, most likely, Elizabeth Reel Gatlin, widow of the Edward who died in 1763.  There is a man named John listed just above her on the census who could be another John Gatlin, though the last name is difficult to judge.  His household has 1 free white male of or over 16, 3 under sixteen and 2 free white females.

Looking forward to this!


Started watching this the other day. It’s fun and a little creepy, but if you’re looking for historical accuracy, or, even the pretense of it, don’t watch. One thing: What’s with the theme song and opening sequence? It doesn’t make me think of druids but of flower children, love beads and weed.

New Digital Collection: Secretary of State Wills

This collection will keep me busy for a while, I think!

History For All the People

The State Archives of North Carolina would like to announce the creation of the new digital collection, North Carolina Secretary of State Wills. The digital collection contains wills from 1663 to 1789. These are loose original wills probated in the province. After 1760 most original wills were kept by the clerk in the county in which they were

SR_SS_XIX_Probate_Wills_Brand_Isabella_County_not_given_01 Isabella Brand’s will

probated, though there are some wills after 1760 in the collection.

These wills are indexed in the Mitchell Will Index categorized with “SS/AR”, which can be accessed in the MARS catalog. The original wills are no longer accessible to the public for conservation concerns. Due to the age of some of the wills, the ink may be difficult to read. The wills are arranged alphabetically by surname of decedent.

Some of the more famous North Carolinians from the time period are included in the collection, such as…

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