Laugh! Extras

I was playing around with the kit and made a few more things to go with it:

  • 3 papers
  • 12 string frames (6 circles and 6 rounded squares)
  • 2 metal star frames
  • 2 metal heart frames
  • 1 set of numbers and few more symbols not included with the original alpha

The font used with the number set is “organica” by Kingthings.  Also, with the metal frames, there are one each with glass and one each without glass.  If you happen to have some glitter tiles, beads, or even flowers, you could use those to “fill” the glass ones.  I don’t happen to have Art Rage, the program used to make glitter, but you can get some lovely tiles over at Sentimental Style.  You better believe that Art Rage is on my “I want” list!

Download:  mediafire



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