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DigiScrap Spotlight: Pumpkins

There are a couple of really adorable pumpkin kits out there this week.  First is Where the Pumpkins Grow from Clever Monkey Graphics to scrap your search for those perfect pumpkins.  There are also elements for corn mazes and apple picking.


And second is Pumpkin Guts from BoomersGirl Designs to scrap the guts and gore of carving those pumpkins.


Chosewell Dixon and Mary, his wife

Chosewell Dixon was born sometime between 1730 and 1735 to John Dixon and Sarah Ann Daw, probably in Beaufort County, North Carolina.  He appears on 1755 List of Taxables Beaufort County, NC.


To be considered taxable, white men had to be at least 16 years of age.  This means he was born no later than 1739.  Above him on the list are his father, brothers and grandmother, Dinah Daw, and below him is his brother Thomas.

In March 1756, Chosewell Dixon was appointed a constable by the Beaufort County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions (source:  Pitt County Genealogical Quarterly, May 2006).  Also in 1756, this time in September, a stock mark was awarded his son, William.  Incidentally, this makes William at least ten years older than most genealogies have him to be.  The name of Chosewell Dixon’s wife is usually given as Mary, maiden name unknown.

He, his father and brothers, grandmother and uncle, all appear on the 1764 List of Taxables Beaufort County, NC.


According to a deed abstract posted by Suzy Dixon, Chosewell purchased 350 acres of land, situated on both sides of Goose Creek, from James Coor December 19, 1767.  The land had once belonged to Cason Scott who got it from Cason Brinson.  If you go to North Carolina Land Grant Images and Data, and search a query “Cason Brinson”, select Beaufort from the dropdown menu, and click “include bordering counties”, you’ll see that all Cason Brinson grants and patents are in Craven County.  Many are on Goose Creek.  Cason Scott also had a patent for 300 acres on the west side of Goose Creek.  The deed says Chosewell’s “of Beaufort Co., NC”, but by 1769, Chosewell had moved to Craven, where he appears on the 1769 List of Taxables and Carriage Wheels in Craven County.  Remember, white males have to be at least 16 in order to be taxable.  There are 3 such in the household of Choswell Dixon.  Himself and two sons, maybe?  If one of these was William, then the latest he could have been born was 1753, which is one of the reasons I think Chosewell himself was born in the early 1730s instead of the later part of that decade.  Chosewell is also listed on this Craven County 1770 Early Census.

As an aside, I can’t help but notice Chosewell’s proximity to Nathaniel Draper on the 1769 list.  I’ve been wondering about a possible connection there.  Chosewell had a brother named Draper and Nathaniel isn’t too far down the list from the Dixons in Beaufort County back in 1755, either.  It’s just a thought.

Chosewell Dixon (or Chasewell, as it’s spelled), James Brinson and William West, witnessed the will of Rodger Squires, February 27, 1770.  On March 23, 1772, Chosewell was named an Executor in his father’s will.  John died sometime between then and December 11, 1773 when the will was proven in Court.   For more on that see my post A Problem of Wills.  He purchased items at the estate sale of Christopher Dawson June 28, 1774.  In 1779, he’s listed in the 1779 List of Assessments, Craven County District No. 3 (Chonwell Dixon with 286 acres of land, and 1290 in other property).

When his brother Thomas died October 29, 1780, he appointed Choswell Executor of his will (right side page), dated September 23, 1780.  All spelling, punctuation, and capitalization errors are true to the actual will.

The Deposition of Sarah Leversage and Elizabeth Dixon being sworn on the Holy Evangelish of Almighty God deposeth and saith that on the Twenty Third day of September last past Thomas Dixon of the County of Beaufort being sick but of sound and perfect mind and memory did make his last Will in manner as herafter mentioned viz.

He the said Thomas Dixon desired that his writing desk should be delivered to his Daughter Martha, and his round Table to his Daughter Marey; and all the other part of his personal Estate to be equaly divided between his two Daughters afsd [aforesaid] when the youngest shall arive to the age of eighteen years; and he further desires that is sister Elizabeth Dixon shall have the care and bringing up of his said children upon the profitts of his Estate untill they shall arrive to the age afsd or maried.

He further desired that his Brother Choswell Dixon should Execute this Will under the authority of the County Court; And further these deponents saith known.

Sarah Leversage
Elizabeth (her E. mark) Dixon

This may Certify that this Deposition was taken within nine hours after the Death of the said Thomas Dixon, before Tho Bonner 29th Oct. 1780

On September 14, 1782, a ten year old Roger Cutherill was bound to Chosewell Dickson as a cooper by Craven County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions.

I cannot find him listed in either the 1790 census or that of 1800, but, as I said in my post about his son William and William’s wife, Lydia Caton Dixon, I think that he may have been the other free white male of or over 16 living with them in 1790.  In 1790 (second column), William and Lydia lived between John Daw and Barry Holton.

  • 2 Free White Males of 16 or more
  • 2 Free White Males under 16
  • 1 Free White Female
  • 0 Other Free Persons
  • 1 Slave

I don’t know what happened to Chosewell after William’s death in 1797, because he is not living with Lydia and her 5 children, his grandchildren, in 1800.  He would have been over 60 and none of the Dickson households in the county had anyone over 45.

The sale of the estate of John Scott was held September 18, 1805 where Chosewell was among the purchasers.  He bought:  2 hews, a tin pot, a chest, and a pad lock.  November 7 of the following year, he stood bondsman for John’s son, another John, and Patsy Bland.  The text of the bond says it was purchased by John Scott and Joseph Dixon, but the actual signatures at the bottom are John Scott and Chosewel Dixon.

The 1810 census for Craven County has been lost, but there is a tax list for the year 1815.  There is a Caswell Dixon listed in Captain William B. Perkins’ district that I think may be Chosewell.  If it is, he has 82 acres of land valued at 150 pounds/dollars (not sure what unit of valuation they’re using).

On December 9, 1816, Vendrick Dickson, James Martin, and Church Vendrick paid a 500 pound administrator bond towards a period of 2 years with Vendrick Dickson as administrator of the estate of Choswell Dickson, according to his estate papers.  The Inventory and Estate Sale were held December 20, at Goose Creek.  The only Dixsons on that list besides Vendrick are a Polly Dixson (widow or daughter?), a John Dixson, and Rolen Dixson.

Who was Vendrick Dixon?  From the census data, I know he was born sometime around 1795.  That’s too late to be a son of Chosewell.  Unless, of course, he had a second wife, which is possible.  Perhaps this hypothetical second wife was a Vendrick. Or he could’ve been a grandson.  Remember that third male 16 or over in 1769?  On the 1815 tax list there is a John Dixon listed just above Vendrick Dixon with one free poll and 250 acres valued at 250.  Vendrick just has the one free poll.  Further up the list is a John Dixon, Jnr., also with one free poll.

Also, one of Chosewell’s nephews, David, son of Draper Dixon, is said to have married a Vendrick, possible first name of Elizabeth.  Here’s the Find A Grave page for their son, Churchill Dixon.  I wonder what Vendrick Dixon’s relationship to Churchill Vendrick was?  As far as I know, Church had only two sisters, neither of whom married a Dixon (I’m descended from Ruth on my mother’s side), and his three daughters were way too young.  And none of these women was named Elizabeth.  I do know that Vendrick, along with Hasten Dixon, purchased a marriage bond for him to marry Celia, the daughter of another of Draper’s sons, Elijah, October 22, 1822.  Hasten is Hasten Dixon, Jr., son of Hasten Sr. and yet another grandson of Draper.

DigiScrap Spotlight: Movie Night, Falling in Love, and Main Street Magic

First, Movie Night from Aprilisa Designs, which was part of a Grab Bag at GingerScraps a few weeks ago, is now available on its own.


Next, from Just Because Studios is Falling in Love from at Gotta Pixel.  I love the vintage feel of this kit.


And last but not least, Main Street Magic from Magical Scraps Galore.  This is the latest addition to her awesome Theme Park Collection.  I love all the little stores, the clock, and the street lights.  And the car is just too adorable.


DigiScrap Spotlight: Sandbox and Fall Frolic

The Sandbox Collection (scroll down a bit) at Meagan’s Creations is really cute.  The trucks are really cute.


And I just love the Oh Boy template in the collection.


I also found this Fall Frolics kit at Gingerscrap but LJS Digital Designs:


DigiScrap Spotlight: Prehistoric World by Magical Scraps Galore

Is it just me or have there been lots of dino kits lately?  Here’s another:  Prehistoric World from Magical Scraps Galore.  I especially love the skeletons, bones, and brushes.


DigiScrap Spotlight: Renaissance from Meagan’s Creations

Found this awesome Renaissance kit at Meagan’s Creations.  There’s also a companion kit with all kinds of Lord of the Rings themed stuff called Rings and Kings.


DigiScrap Spotlight: Come One, Come All! by Magical Scraps Galore

Here’s a completely adorable kit from Magical Scraps Galore called Come One, Come All!  Perfect for trips to the circus, zoos, fairs, and carnivals.


DigiScrap Cuteness: Scientific Method by BoomersGirl Designs

Here’s an adorable kit from BoomersGirl Designs called Scientific Method.  I love the periodic table word arts and the beakers and test tubes full of mysterious substances.  Perfect for scrapping science fairs, school projects, budding mad scientists with chemistry sets, and tongue-in-cheek cooking layouts!


DigiScrap Spotlight: Project 2015 February Kit by Connie Prince

The scrap kit to catch my attention this week is the Project 2015 February Kit by Connie Prince.  I just love the colors.  They inspire thoughts of spring during the cold drabness of winter.


The kit is also available at Gotta Pixel and Scrapbook-Bytes.

DigiScrap Awesomeness: Count On Me Template #3 by Cornelia Designs

A few months ago I posted about Cornelia Designs’ Count on Me templates.  At the time, on #1 and #2 were available.  Well, she’s just released #3.  It’s now available at GingerScrapsCount on Me #3.